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The WORLD Stage 6 review

Well been a very busy week since I got home from my last trip to Hong Kong last week as I put in a 154hrs working this week so hard to get time to write a blog but here I am :)

Well Stage 7 of the WORLD Soft Tip tour was a little kinder to me with a semi final run ended by eventual winner Paul Lim.  As usual it was a very well ran tourny and a great time as DARTSLIVE continues to show why they are a first class company.

I almost was not going to go to this event as I had been having a little elbow issues so was not practicing as much as I figured it would not be until the end of Oct before I played again... Well that was until Chris White talked some sense into me.

He reminded me it is always better to go play then wish you had of.  Since I did not play the first few events as I did not know about the tour I was behind to finish in the top 48 to ensure in the TV Finals to be held in Dec.  He went on to say it was like being on the PDC Tour and the week you take off may be the week you were meant to break through.  Well as it turned out he was right but it was anything but easy!!
As normal it was a strong world class of soft tip players from 10 different countries and with each events more top players show up.  This trip was my shortest trip yet as normally I go in a day early but this time we flew in the night of the Seeding event...I spent 48hrs traveling and only 40 hrs in Hong Kong.

Our flight (was traveling with Chris White of Puma Darts) ended up arriving a bit over a hour late and by the time we made it to the venue we had 5 mins to warm up and play the seeding match.  We do not normal play in T shirts and Sweat pants but we had no time to make it to the hotel so we were sweating it a bit ;)  Well as it turned out we ended up 4th and 5th overall and if we had a little luck one of us could have secured the number one spot but considering just traveled for 24 hrs and walked in?  We took it and smiled.

On to the event.... Normally I do not get that nervous when I play but I sure was my first match this time.  Like I said I had not been practicing that much for the last month so I was not sure what to expect.  I always say  "Ask yourself if you have done everything you could have to be successful today?  If the answer is yes then no worries but if you haven't?  Then you will be nervous"  So my first match was a very accomplished player and rated #3 in Hong Kong so this was not adding to me relax.  I dropped the first leg of 01 easily to him as I had no idea where the bull was.  I thought "Seriously David!  You are really going to crumble here?" Well my Cricket game was spot on thank goodness and it became 1-1 and I found a good stroke and ended up squeaking out a 3-1 that was closer then the score line but I managed to get through and started to relax.

There was a common theme to my day... I was not very good in 01 but my cricket game was bailing me out as I won most of my matched in the 5th leg and usually was going second but if that's what it takes for me to make a semi?  I will take it :)  I eventually was stopped my the Great Paul Lim in the semi finals.  Playing Paul is never a easy task but to play him in his backyard in front of his fans? Forget it :)  It was a fun Match as the crowd was chanting his name all the way and the spurred him on to winning the event over Ben Derch including a perfect game of 701 along the way.  That finish moves me up to #16 in the rankings which is great as I missed the first 3 events!

It was a great day for Ben as in the last event the airline lost his bag including his darts. Ben was forced to borrow some clothes and darts to play the event but his luck did not change as he drew a top Japanese player in the first round who barely got by Ben in the 5th leg.  Ben vowed to come back and did he ever with a vengeance.  He won the #1 spot, shot 2 perfect game, had the high out of 177 and finished a very close second to Paul in the 5th leg.  So way to go Ben in a class act return to show the champion he is.

Well I hope to back for stage 7 in two weeks but again will be a last minute choice... I am playing in Asia for ten days in Nov as I am going to Hong Kong for the final stage then off to Shanghai China for the IDF World Final as a part of Team Canada. Then in December I am head over to the Philippines for a Manny Pacquiao Tournament in Manila then taking a holiday there for a week before heading to Hong Kong for the TV finals of the WORLD tour to be shown on ESPN. 

Hopefully I can secure a new Barrel sponsor soon :)

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