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Headed to Stage 5 Hong Kong

Well I am sitting at the airport with 2 hours to kill so time for a blog…. I am on my way to Hong Kong to rejoin the Dartslive pro soft-tip tour called THE WORLD. If you recall I had some great success on it last year but due to some corporate conflicts I was unable to join the tour…Until now.

Headed over for Stage 5 (8 stages in all) and hope I pick up where I left off last year winning Stage 8. To say I am excited to be heading back is a understatement, for as much as it is a very long travel day (close to 24 hrs for me) I really enjoy Hong Kong and the dart fans there. It is a well ran event and you can not forget about the ultimate prize of approx. $125,000 US first prize for winning the finals.

So how did I get to return?


The WORLD Stage 5

Well..... I am going to be back playing the WORLD tour and may be as fast as stage 5.  I really miss the tour as it was a lot of fun, great competition and really well ran.  To say I am excited to go back to playing high level darts is a understatement.  I was playing the D-Crown tour in Japan a bit but it has come on hard times and I will not return to this year.   More later but this was just a quick note to say I am headed back to Hong Kong.

Also look for me online playing the G3 Arachnid machine... only machine I have locally that allows such play but hopefully may see some DARTSLIVE machines here in the near future.

Will write more later but.... look for my name to pop up on the WORLD ranking list soon :)

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