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Well I guess it is time for me to finally throw a blog in here and none better but one of THANKS.

Let me start by saying a huge THANK YOU to Mike (and Roger) at XanaDartZ.com for doing this site for me. The amount of work he put in was not only impressive but very much appreciated. I do not think either of us thought the site would turn into what it is but I am very thankful. It may have been faster :) if I had not kept sayin "well what about this...."

I truly feel fortunate to be associated with Mike and Roger (Xanadart.com) as they truely do everything the right way. I have always felt if you want to be successful, find people who are successful at what you want to be and ask how they did it. You then take that information and use it to advance yourself to where you want to be, no sense re-inventing the wheel. Then you surround yourself with people that are supportive and very good at what they do to help you become even more successful. That is defintiely Xanadart.com for me.

Thanks Guys :)

France-England Trip

Now on to the dart stuff :)

It has been a really busy last month with the run at the PDC US Open to the semis, home for three days then off to the Bullshooter to win the International team for Canada with John Part, Chris White and Shawn Brennamen. Taking 5th in the pro singles after losing my first match and crawling my way back up the draw to 5th place (stupid double ;) ) Back home for four days then off to La Rochelle France to represent The USA and Medalist Darts in the International part of the  INTERPRESTIGE CUP.  It was a good showing with 2 finals and a Quarter final appearances in the three events we were able to play over there.  It was an amazing trip with a lot of history- it was wonderous to walk down streets that were 200 years older then either Canada or America- and a very relaxing pace of life.


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